Learning ENGLISH is FUN!

A playful approach to English for babies and kids

Active English

55 minutes / once a week

Language, vocabulary and comprehension exercises alternate with

games, action songs, role plays, dancing and creative games.

And to calm down at the end, there is story time.

7 - 10 years     (children only)

"Active English" is the playgroup continuation for primary school kids. And just like in playgroup, there is no pressure to perform. Every child can determine how actively or cautiously they want to participate, reflecting their personality. Even just watching is okay. Sometimes, it takes a little time to get used to a new group and environment before they feel comfortable enough to really join in. And sometimes, they might just have a quiet day.

The main goal of our age-appropriate language exercises is to have fun and to entertain. We don't memorise vocabulary lists, but acquire words playing, dancing and using lots of different materials. We don't "swot up on" grammar rules, but the children develop a feel for language getting involved in role play dialogues, working on song lyrics, and listening to stories.

"Active English" is not taught like a school subject, but aims at giving children an understanding of English as something practicable. And because they enjoy the topics and activities just like they would in their mother tongue, learning "happens" casually along the way.


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