Learning ENGLISH is FUN!

A playful approach to English for babies and kids

English Playgroup

55 minutes / once a week

Songs, rhymes, finger plays and bouncing songs alternate with

games, action songs, role plays, dancing and creative games.

And to calm down at the end, there is story time.

0 - 6 years     (child + parent/grandparent/nanny)

During the first few years of their life, children have the ability to acquire foreign languages as easily and naturally as their mother tongue. Having a reference person and particular surroundings to relate to as "exclusive" to the language helps.

This is why we speak only English in class. The children are not supposed to constantly translate in their minds but to intuitively absorb and understand. In the beginning, it is not important to know the exat meaning of every single word. That will come with time, just like it does in their mother tongue.

There is no pressure to perform in my classes, because that would be counterproductive. Some children will join in actively right from the start. Others will need a little more time to get settled and comfortable in the group and to build up the necessary confidence. Whichever way, it is okay. And it would be an error to assume that quieter children have less of a learning effect!

To allow the children to experience the English language with all their senses and thus acquire English as easily and naturally as their mother tongue, I provide all sorts of materials to touch, look at and listen to. A particular favourite with the kids are my felt boards for stories and songs. I appeal to the children's innate curiosity and natural inquisitiveness. What better way to motivate them?

Attending class together with a parent or escort enables the children to "practise" their shared knowledge at home, too. You can, for example, have great fun singing the new songs in the car. And, needless to say, this is of great benefit to the learning effect.


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