Learning ENGLISH is FUN

for kids and adults

English Morning Club - Adults Only

55 minutes / once a week

English for adults in relaxed ambience

Chatting, reading, discussions and - on request - also

grammar and langage exercises.

Enjoy the language choosing your topics of interest!


private or corporate


on request

Adults Only

Perhaps you love travelling and use English to communicate internationally. Or maybe you need English for your career, to prepare your professional comeback or for a particular project. Or you might just enjoy the language and are looking for regular practice.

Whether you want to improve or just brush up on your English, our small groups offer the perfect ambience for easy and informal chit-chat, reading and discussions.

You can choose your topics of interest, and language and grammar exercises are selected according to the group's level of proficiency.

First and foremost, however, you will enjoy the language and communication. Easy conversation among friends - no embarrassment or fear of making mistakes. Our main ambition is not linguistic perfection but to overcome your inhibitions when speaking a foreign language.

Of course, every unit includes periods where we focus on the right pronunciation, grammar and phrasing. But most of the time we will help and complement rather than correct in order to place the emphasis on the topic and enjoying the conversation.


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