Learning ENGLISH is FUN!

A playful approach to English for babies and kids

Welcome to Gaby's English Playgroup!

Songs, rhymes, games, stories and lots of fun!

A playful approach to the English language. Children get familiar with

the basics (shapes, colours, numbers, animals, the body, clothes, ...)

in a fun way and constantly improve their command of English.

More than ten years of experience

Small groups offer a friendly and relaxed atmosphere

For beginners and advanced learners

Various classes for babies and children according to age

Also classes for adults

Being introduced to foreign languages at a very early age is a wonderful opportunity for a child.

During the first few years of their life, children have the unique chance to acquire a foreign language as easily and naturally as their mother tongue.

Babies pick up on intonation, sounds and meaning in finger plays, bouncing rhymes and action songs very easily and can imitate them almost without accent.

Older children further improve their English through games, action songs, role-plays, stories and dealing with different materials.

We speak only English in class, so that the children can relate to me and the playgroup surroundings as exclusively "English". This is important to help them assimilate the English language the way they do with their mother tongue. The children are not supposed to constantly translate in their minds but to intuitively absorb and understand. In the beginning, it is not important to know the exact meaning of every single word. That will come with time, just like it does in their mother tongue.

Most important, however, is the fun we have in class and the joy of discovering new things together. There is no pressure to perform in my classes. To motivate the children I rely on their innate curiosity and natural inquisitiveness instead.


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