Learning ENGLISH is FUN

for kids and adults

English for (Grand-) Parent & Baby / Toddler

55 minutes / once a week

Playgroup (songs, rhymes, fingerplays, bouncing songs, etc.)

paired with

relaxed conversation and language practice for the (grand-) parents

while the kids play or feed.

Parents and Grandparents

(Grand-) Parents who love participating in all sorts of baby activities with their kids, but would also like to do something for themselves now and again, can improve or brush up on their English together with other Mummies, Daddies, Grannies or Grandpas in a relaxed and child-friendly atmosphere and, at the same time, grant their baby or toddler early access to the English language.

All sorts of materials to touch, look at and listen to are provided for the children to allow them to experience the English language with all their senses and thus acquire English as easily and naturally as their mother tongue.


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